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White Stone Features
- Mar 03, 2017 -

(1) marble is a metamorphic rock of the limestone turns, its fundamental group consists of calcite (calcium carbonate), dolomite (magnesium carbonate), minerals, often by bedding, trace, color display realistic feel of it.
(2) marble traces the vagaries, colour male and female elements does not make decisions, pure stone substance of natural phenomena.
(3) common marble surface cracks, pinholes, marble quartz line floods natural phenomena, when often cuts cannot be avoided.
(4) the marble quality of material is a soft, no-like degree of hardness in 3~4du, slightly worn missed resistance, surface abrasion by hard to avoid.
(5) the current production technology, marble slate warp is inevitable (General Fang Lengleng ± 1mm).
(6) makes the implementation of marble, if there is damage, poorly, General technical remedy by the current stone material repair, not replace stone material, to avoid ruining the aesthetic feeling of the material as a whole traces of stone.
(7) products, grain handling; If the specifications, then pick the other party does to trace makes way.
(8) reference samples of marble or choose a color style supply only (cannot be guaranteed and the reality was completely in line, ordering major reality).