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Thermal Insulation Decorative Plates Make Buildings Stand Longer
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. stability: insulation decorate one Board, in fact, most of the attention is integration. And the Interior is by pasting, mechanical, scientific posed by chemical or physical means. So its stability is good. Even in bad weather conditions, can guarantee its stability.
2. respiratory function, no negative pressure: small series of understanding insulation decorate one Board technologies are quite cross the border, a unique respiratory function, in order to better use and don't have to worry about high temperature changes and deformities.
3. low difficulty, short duration: because it is integrated, so construction is relatively easy. Spend time is relatively short. This is especially suitable for harsh areas, not affected by weather effects duration. For construction have brought great convenience.
4. high life: people are most concerned about is the problem of life, how many years you can use. Insulation decorate one Board more than 25 years of life expectancy, and maintenance more convenient.