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The Difference Between Marble And Tile
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1, the root causes, marble tile development philosophy is derived from the marble, is derived from the decorative properties of marble, marble decorative advantages of inheritance and development and better than marble, unique style. Marble tile is the use of high-tech 5D color ink-jet technology, RNC to restore marble color, no color, color harmony of natural, textured lifelike, unlike marble color stability. Not suitable for large-area tile marble, high cost on the one hand, on the marble cracked, loss, processing requirements, like marble tiles with high temperature sintering and has strong resistance, easy processing, low loss, cut free features.
2, environmental performance, and marble as building decoration materials, marble floor tiles decorated with luxurious appearance and natural performance, every piece of marble tile has a different texture, smooth and delicate, beautiful color, by consumers. But with the development of market economy, the extraction of marble, not conducive to the sustainable development of the environment. Marble tile, with its realistic overtaking marble decorative effects, mining without damage to the ecological environment, through the national 3C certification, no radiation safety and environmental protection environmental protection performance.
3, on the application from the actual decoration, marble tile currently the realistic effect of encroaching upon the Marriott, Sheraton and other five-star hotels, QC marble, since the market has quickly won broad consumer acceptance and favor, is now widely used in villas, high-end hotels, government projects, and nationally known real estate projects.
4, the analysis concluded that marble has a natural pattern, is the primary reason the elite sought after, but also because it comes from natural, so a lot of mining is bad for the environment and sustainable development. Marble tile reproduction of natural marble, its decorative effect and its application is more extensive. Decoration for performance, environmental performance, marble tile has a more decorative than marble, and realized "from stone but more than stone" features.

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