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Surface Of Bathroom Stone Maintenance And Cleaning
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. Stone shed
In the stone often wobbles, falls off, and so on, because the current stone materials paste of cement mortar by bond stretch enough, and in a humid environment for a long time, so it is easy to loosen and fall off.
Methods: the resin Binder paste stones, not only can reach or exceed the body strength of stone, and are in a humid environment for a long time will not cause shedding.
2. the stone surface stains
Bath stone is often polluted by oily stains such as scale, rust, SOAP, to keep the porcelain surface clean and bright without damaging the surface of the stone, you can use the following methods: multi-purpose decontamination paste cleaner. As for the stone cracks, first dipped a little cleansing cream to remove the dirt with a brush, washing a waterproofing agent in the gap, not only does this anti-seepage and mold growth.