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Stone Material Water Spot, The Stone Material Maintains Daily Maintenance
- Mar 03, 2017 -

All natural stone is very afraid of acids and bases, so household cleaning time is best used by the dry cleaning cloths and mops to clean the stone, some of unknown pH detergent, it is best not to use. Also do not recommend seeking workers for waxing. As far as I know, wax on the market a wide range of aqueous wax-wax, oil, acrylic, wax, etc. However, these wax containing acid and alkali material will not only block the pores of the stone to breathe, also be stained with dirt and dust to form wax scale, resulting in yellow stone surface.

Marble floor, many owners like the one covering carpet or debris. So long, also have a bad effect on stone. Stone always covered carpets, humidity cannot pass "pores" flavor, stone will produce due to excessive humidity, water content increased "lesions". If you must lay the carpet, piled up debris, remember that changes location, thoroughly dry clean.

Home life, oil, tea, coffee, Cola, soy sauce and Chinese ink, if it drops to the stone surface, can easily follow capillary permeability to the stone inside the formation of stains difficult to remove. Once you have poured the dirty things on the stone must be immediately clear to prevent infiltration. When cleaning on a regular basis, to select a stone protective agent, company or professional polishing treatment.