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Marble Stone Cleaning And Maintenance To Pay Attention To What
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. thoroughly clean clean
Stone maintenance first step is a thorough dusting and cleaning, preferably placed a bathmat at the entrance to filter the shoes with sand, or sand will follow the footsteps of people wear the stone surface sheen. Dust vacuum cleaners or electrostatic MOP is best used, works best.
2. avoid all contact with non-neutral detergent
Use diluted neutral detergent or water to clean marble, contains improper pH of cleaning products can damage the gloss (especially acidic detergents and stone in the neutralization reaction of calcium carbonate, and cause stones to form a permanent macular).
3. to immediately clear the source of pollution
If you don't watch out pollution sources (such as oil, tea, coffee, Cola, soy sauce, etc) down on the stone, should be wiped immediately to prevent infiltration within the pores, forming annoying stains.
Tip: once the stain, use baking soda with water spray at the contaminated site and then covered with cling film (around with plastic tapes), remove the adhesive tape after a few hours, parts cleaning pollution residues can achieve the effect of decontamination.