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Ceramics Before Purchase
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1, definition of ceramics
Barren clay raw materials, raw materials and fluxing materials with proper ratio, grinding, molding and baking cases, after a series of chemical reactions, the formation of hard substance.
2, pottery and porcelain differ?
Difference between water absorption. In General, the porcelain water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, and ceramic water absorption greater than 10%.
3, daily in which tiles are porcelain? What is pottery?
Common tiles, unglazed tile, most sanitary wares are porcelain, and water absorption e ≤ 0.5%; antique brick, small tiles (climbing walls), bricks, tiles, Crystal Matt tiles are porcelain stoneware tiles, which are tiles, water absorption and 0.5%~10%. Such as Brandon glazed polished tiles water absorption rate of less than 0.3%.
4, what is the rate of water absorption?
Water absorption of ceramic pores in the adsorption of water how many percentage of the products.
5, ceramic wall and floor tiles are classified?
By end-use consists of inside the wall, the outer wall and floor tiles.
Divided according to material: porcelain tiles – good light transmission, a shell-shaped section fine; semi-porcelain tiles – poor light transmission, high mechanical strength, a stone-shaped sections; ceramic bricks – opaque, low mechanical strength, reduction in rough; molding methods are dry pressing method, plastic, Grouting method.