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Technical nature of the stone
- Mar 03, 2017 -

(1) physical ' character: mainly on the stone bulk density, water absorption, water resistance, frost resistance, fire resistance and thermal requirements. To ensure that properties such as strength and durability of the stone, General requirements for the large stone bulk density and water absorption of small, good water resistance, good resistance to frost and fire, and so on.
(2) mechanical properties
1) compressive strength: the strength of the stone depends on the structure and construction of Rock-forming minerals and rocks. Compressive strength is based on the three sides of the stone cube is 50mm sample average compressive ultimate strength of water saturated. According to the compressive strength values of size, stone is divided into nine grades: MU100, MU80, MU60, MU50, MU40, MU30, MU20, MU15 MU10.
2) toughness: impact toughness depends on the mineral composition and structure of the stone.
3) stiffness: strength of the Rock-forming minerals, high hardness, structure closely, you rock hard. Rock hardness by Mohs hardness (hardness) or shore hardness (absolute hardness).
4) abrasion: usually high rock strength, structure compact, as well as better wear resistance. Wear resistance to the wear rate of the stone (g/cm2): under pressure, ground 100 times, wear rate m = (MO-ml)/A, MO-grinding quality (g), ml-grinding quality (g), a is the grinding of the sample area (cm2).