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Stone in architectural decoration are available in advantage
- Mar 03, 2017 -

Noble and elegant
Stone with elegant, bright and translucent, hard permanent characteristics, different stones show it to people is a different feeling.
Unique and diverse
Stone is a unique building materials. Have irreplaceable material characteristics, its texture is any other synthetic materials, composite materials are not comparable. Stone mining is a block, after the designer's process design stone art show, food wisdom of.
Comfort and energy saving
Stone materials with good thermal conductivity and high thermal storage capacity, warm in winter and cool in summer, saving, has good thermal conductivity and high thermal storage capacity, as the external walls of the building materials for housing, summer, isolated from exposure to sunlight.
Attractive and durable
Stone is durable, attractive, easy to clean, resistant to acid rain and other characteristics, as a building material, especially exterior walls, it is an ideal material.
Suitable for modelling
Stone is three-dimensional materials. In addition to the boxy, massive stone, natural stone can be made with any shape. Processing out of the hole and slot on the surface of natural stone, stone surface presents a special optical and Visual effects.
Suitable for design
The variety of stone, no building materials with rich colors and varieties like natural stone and surface treatments are unrestricted, architects and building designers can use them to play one's own imagination.