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Stone curtain wall and associated component knowledge, standards
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. Stone seal should be design of exterior-protected structure, stone curtain wall stone suitable for igneous rocks.
2. natural stone curtain walls should not be applied on tall and Super tall buildings. When a call is designed should have stone fragmentation prevention measures.
3. the framework should consider the building facade of stone curtain wall effect, civil structures, design of stone curtain wall installation form and so on, we must ensure that system is safe and reliable, but also consider the feasibility of the construction process.
4. the stone curtain wall and their joints shall have sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and movement capability relative to the main structure. Curtain wall skeleton of columns through the metal bracket and connected to the main structure, column and corner connector should be bolted, bolt plate loosen and slip-proof-proof measures.
5. non-seismic design of stone curtain wall, stone may not be broken wind in action; anti-seismic design of stone curtain wall, fortification intensity earthquake repaired and curtain wall can still be used; in curtain wall skeleton under rare earthquake may not fall off.
6. in component design of stone curtain wall, curtain wall system should be fully taken into account in the gravity load, wind load, earthquake, temperature effects, and the main structural displacement under the influence of the security.