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Natural stone Frost solutions
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. stone forming reasons of the freeze-thaw
In General, the matter is adherence to '' expand '' law, but quite the contrary. The density of water at 4 hours maximum, water molecules are run independently of liquidity. Water from 4 c to 0 c, temperature reduction, water molecules in the ice are arranged in three-dimensional drawing into an unusual song form, this structure is in fact left many '' empty '' density instead of less. Experiments show that when after the 1 cu m of water is turned into ice, its volume will increase from 1.11 trillion cubic meters. So when water enters the pores or slits natural stone cold ice, increase in size, thus swelling pores or cracks of natural stone and natural stone draws more water pores or cracks are further swell, so malignant followed, eventually leading to the fragmentation of natural stone.
2. Stone prevention of freezing and thawing
Because stone is frozen-thawed water is the main factor, we just stop prevents water from entering the natural stone stone of freeze-thaw. So, we'll just use natural stone protection treatment of natural stone conservation agent on the line.